Technical data GMS Roadheader type MS

The solution for your requirements

The Roadheader from GMS German Mining Solution GmbH are divided into two machine types up to 40 tons: 300-Series and 400-Series

Both machine types are generally equipped with transverse cutting heads for optimal conversion of the electrical power into cutting performance. The machines have been designed for both Tunneling and Mining for this application with Atex explosion protection. The 300-Series with a cutting power of 100kW with a minimum vertical clearance of 1.6 m is designed very low and cuts cross-sections from 6 m² up to 16 m². The 400-Series with a cutting power of 150 kW is available as standard version (MS410) and as high version (MS420). Cross-sections up to 22 m² are possible.

As German Mining Solution we use mainly German manufacturer for producing Roadheader. Welding and steel construction, mechanical processing as well as gear manufacturing will be conducted at the location of GMS. The complete Electrical System will be supplied from a German partner company. We purchase the motors in Germany or in Austria. Cylinders are also from Germany and the hydraulical parts are supplied by renowned manufacturers.

On the one hand German Mining Solution implements with their technically mature machines a modular system as best as possible and on the other hand GMS offers a high excellent flexibility:

  • The low building track drives are available in widths of 375 mm und 520 mm as well as electrically or hydraulically driven.
  • The loading device can be performed with loading stars or loading arms. The table can be performed in widths of 2 m, 2.5 m or 3 m.
  • Both the frame and the turret are designed as stable welding constructions.
  • The chain conveyor is designed for low vertical clearances or for high discharge heights. The conveyor is also feasible as swivel tail conveyor. The conveying trough is equipped as well as the loading table with highly wear-resistant plates (Hardox or FFS) and optimally protected against wear.
  • The electrical and also the hydraulical system is individually arranged with the customer and optimally adjusted to the operating conditions.
  • There are optionally available following accessory components for adapting:
  • Working platform with telescoped cap lifting device, bridge belt conveyor, hydraulical drilling unit, air-water spraying system, pick flushing system and others.