Multi Dinting and Loading System

Multifunction machine HS-M-GMS

The Multifunction Machine HS-M-GMS is a compact modular construction system. The basic machine, assembled completely as a construction-modular system, can be fitted with box-type buckets of different sizes, with single hydraulic hammers, with cross cutting-head milling machines of different sizes, with drilling and bolting equipment and with different types of working platforms. A range of different equipment options are also available, with standard or telescopic booms.

It is a perfect machine for dinting and development in small square roadways without explosives, with a minimum of expansive and problematic electronic technology, low weight and easy to transport. The production is mainly done in Germany.

Basic machine HS-M-GMS

Length: 3920mm
Width 1160mm
Height 1210mm
Weight 8200kg
Primary Drive 55kW / 100kW
Driving speed 0,5/1,0m/s

possible components for the basic machine

  • Teleskopic or rigide boom
  • Quick coupler system
  • Hydraulic pick hammer
  • Ripping bucket 350l / 450l
  • Activated bucket 350l
  • Traverse cutting head
  • Working platform
  • Drilling and bolting Equipment