Mining Engineering

Technical planning and Engineering

  • Feasibility study
  • Mining and detail design planning
  • Planning and supporting redevelopment of damaged roadways
  • Rock mechanics and pillar dimension
  • Rock pressure- and convergence calculation
  • Roof support and bolting technology
  • Production in longwall system and room and pillar
  • Production with LTCC
  • Production in steep storage
  • Development and tunneling, technology and systems
  • Development in hazards of gas and rock outburst situation
  • Drilling technology
  • Security and safety
  • Fire and explosion protection


Process optimization / Conceptual design of complex project systems and operation

  • Process optimization of development and tunneling systems
  • Solving complex tasks without interface problems
  • Planning and realization of projects for system suppliers

Seminar and training to all technical themes

Online Calculation program CONVERSYS (Application)

  • Prognostic of rock mass pressure
  • Convergence prognostic
  • Support calculation