Engineering services for mining and tunnel construction

Technical planning an engineering

  • Feasibility and execution studies
  • Mining, tunnelling and layout planning
  • Repatriation of underground water drainage to fountain design
  • Planning and supervision of cavern and walkway rehabilitation
  • Planning of shaft sinking activities
  • Rock mechanics and pillar dimensioning
  • Rock pressure and convergence calculation
  • Dimensioning of roof support an roof bolting
  • Extraction using room and pillar procedure
  • Extraction using longwall system
  • Extraction using longwall topcoal caving system
  • Etraction in vertical storage
  • Road header technology and systems
  • Road header technology in high gas and hazardous areas
  • Drilling technology
  • Safety engineering
  • Fire and explosion protection

Process optimisation / Conceptual design of complex project systems and operation procedures

  • Process optimisation of road heading systems
  • Answering of complex tasks without interface problems
  • Planning and execution of projects for system providers

Seminars and trainings in accordance to items mentioned above

Web based calculation method CONVERSYS (application)

  • Rock pressure calculation
  • Convergence calculation
  • Dimensioning of roof supports